COVID-19 Risk Assessment Form

Risk/Benefit Assessment of equine movement and therapeutic activities specifically for
  • Risk to Rider

    1. Possibility of contracting COVID-19 despite infection control measures taken by Windsor -Essex Therapeutic Riding Association.
    2. Potential to fall from horse despite safety measures and equine training taken by Windsor - Essex Therapeutic Riding Association.
  • Please check all that apply:
  • Benefits to Rider

    1. Provides general exercise and gentle cardio workout.
    2. Provides sensory stimulation in a rhythmic way which modulates the sensory system that helps to calm the overactive areas and stimulate the underactive areas.
    3. Requires rider to maintain midline and balance in response to each unique step of the horse, with the added balance challenges provided by games and/or riding skill challenges.
    4. Works on social interaction, engagement and command following.
    5. Provides an activity that can be customized based on needs and abilities on any given day.

    Note: During COIVID-19 pandemic, rider has fewer opportunities for social interaction, exercise, and cognitive challenge.
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