Apply For Our Programs

Before submitting an application, please take a moment to review our absolute contraindications. Please note  whether these conditions are present and to what degree. For safety purposes therapeutic riding will not be possible. We have various unmounted programs that are equally as beneficial/therapeutic.

  1. Orthopedic:
    • Acute Arthritis
    • Acute herniated or prolapsed disc
    • Atlanto-axial instabilities
    • Coax arthrosis (degeneration of hip joint)
    • Structural cranial deficits
    • Osteogenesis imperfecta
    • Pathological fractures
    • Spondylothesis
    • Structural Scoliosis >30 degrees, excessive kyphosis or lordosis or hemivertebra
    • Spinal Stenosis
  2. Neurological:
    • CVA 2nd to unclipped aneurysm or angioma
    • Paralysis due to spinal cord injury above T6 (adult)
    • Spina bifida associations- Chiari II Malformation, Hydromyelia, Tethered Cord
    • Uncontrolled (grand mal) seizures within last 6 months
  3. Medical/Psychological:
    • Anticoagulants
  4. Other:
    • Age less than 2 years old
    • Any condition that the instructor, therapist, physician or program does not feel comfortable treating
    • Weight measurement over 170lbs