Life and Vocational Skills

Stable Management & Life Skills

Life skills are those skills needed for daily living and personal independence. Students will participate in proper equine care and barn maintenance. Supervised by a staff member or trained volunteer, lessons include proper equine care and nutrition and barn maintenance. Students are then encouraged to relate these skills back to their own life.

A clean horse is a happy horse!

Examples of activities may include:

  • Learning to bake homemade horse treats, thereby, gaining valuable skills needed in everyday life.
  • Learning to feed horses a balanced diet as related to health and nutrition.
  • Helping to maintain horse equipment and barn areas related to everyday living skills.
  • Grooming horses and helping with their care to promote compassion and caring for others.

At WETRA, staff will strive to develop lessons specific to the student’s interests and areas of need. The horses act as motivating non-judgemental teachers and partners in this learning experience.

Stable Management & Vocational Skills

Vocational skills are general skills needed to enter or re-integrate into the workforce. Participants in this program will develop skills such as punctuality, accountability and responsibility. They will learn to follow instructions, work independently, as well as cooperatively with peers and staff members. Participants will engage in equine care, stable management and barn maintenance to develop good work habits and farm specific skills.